AarogyaPath :- National Health Care Supply Chain Management

1. Abstract Aarogyapath, a web-based solution for the healthcare supply chain that provides real-time availability of critical supplies launched. • This public platform will help healthcare users like hospitals, pathology laboratories, research institutes, medical colleges and patients. • This national healthcare supply chain portal will remove supply chain bottlenecks during the Covid-19 pandemic. • The vision of this initiative is to set up an information management and forecasting database platform at national level. It will capture demand and supply scenarios for key healthcare needs items. • This public platform can help customers in tackling a number of routinely experienced issues like dependence on limited suppliers, time-consuming processes to identify good quality products, limited access to suppliers etc. • It also helps to reduce the Black Marketing of medical equipment & products, Unstandardized Medical product prices. • It’s the single platform of all medical suppliers & buyers for any announcement/feedback etc. • It will also help the manufacturers and suppliers to reach customers efficiently like nearby pathological laboratories, medical stores, hospitals, etc. • It will also create opportunities for business expansion due to an expanded slate of buyers and visibility of new requirements for products. • It also helps to fill a critical gap in last-mile delivery of patient care within India through improved availability and affordability of healthcare supplies.

2. Keywords: Healthcare, Online Supply chain system, Heath products, Health innovation

Aashish Kaushal. AarogyaPath :- National Health Care Supply Chain Management. Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2023